Feature Request: Border around Current

I know when choosing the episode it is the center one. But would still make it easier to see. Some other menu's also. Find myself getting off the couch to get closer to see if I'm on the correct item.

Any chance of Skins or color changes?



+1 For me, as an older user, I do wish there were more highlights around what was selected. The image frame only adjusts slightly and I find my self going back and forth a couple of times to find out which item I have selected. I do think accessibility should be included in the UI/UX design.

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What device are you using and referring to?

For me it is the Fire TV cube.

For me it is the Tivo Stream

I find that I have this problem as well. Probably my old eyes. But not just the highlight, but the Episode numbers when scrolling through the list. The light purple on the not-as-light purple is really hard for me (and my wife) to read. I find myself getting up off of the couch to read it as well.

I realize that this is a small subset of users, but even a slightly higher contrast would be helpful.

I am using an nVidia Shield.


The Apple TV has a nice option to put a white border around the highlighted apps in the main menu. It’s under settings/accessibility/display/focus style/high contrast. But this only pertains to TVos. Something like that for Channels would be nice but may be difficult to implement.