Feature Request - Change Color Scheme


I check this thread every month to see any progress and to bring this back to the front page.

I really want to change the color of this app.. PLEASE!


I think the biggest problem isn't necessarily the color scheme itself, but rather the contrast, and the thinness of the display faces.

This is most pronounced when viewing the detail screen of a recording. The small thin black font on the pale purple background is very difficult to read from 10 feet away.

Instead of replacing the color scheme, how about improving the current situation by increasing the contrast, and choosing some better faces for displaying the information. (Perhaps this is limited to Android/Fire devices, as I don't own any tvOS devices and iOS devices are not likely to be used from 10 feet away.) In any case, such a change would be welcome.


Some conceptual schemes for those that are bored. I've been mocking up some thoughts based on feature requests in my spare time.

For the TiVo and classic cable box fans

For the high contrast fans


I actually like the purple. It's pleasing to the eye if you ask me. And it gives the product an identity.

Options are rarely bad, but do we really need another bland black or gray option app?


Personally, I'd prefer a solarized dark scheme, but maybe that's just me.

My biggest problem with the current scheme is the detailed info screen. The pale purple background with the thin black type makes it very difficult to read, especially in the dark.

A face with more weight, and better/complementary contrast pairs would be welcomed.

For those curious about Solarized: https://ethanschoonover.com/solarized/


Just became a DVR subscriber. I loath the purple theme. This app would be the perfect solution with DRM and multiple themes to choose from. :slight_smile:


It seems unlikely DRM is ever going to happen with Channels: An update on DRM support. Given the trouble Silicon Dust has had with DRM, with their resources, I imagine the two Channels developers would be hard-pressed to make it happen, even setting the question of the economics aside.

As for the colour scheme: The devs have so far not commented on this subject at all, which leads one to suspect they're not interested in entertaining the notion. Given that the colour scheme is part of the product's identity, that makes sense. (Then again: I've been wrong before.)

However, I agree this...

... in some form would be welcome.


The blue looks just like Sky, if that's good or bad I don't know. The dark theme is definitely the most usable and clear.