Feature Request - Change Color Scheme


Though the purple color scheme isn’t bad, it would be great to have a few different UI options to select from. It would be great to have a dark gray/black option or the ability to create your own color scheme all together


I second that feature request. It would be a nice feature.


This is the whole reason I made this account, it is to request a color scheme change, I simply dislike purple.

It was the main reason why i disliked Hank’s wife In breaking bad.

Seriously thou, something like Apollo the reddit app for iOS you can choose what color theme and logo you want to use. Charge 0.99 for it and I’ll happily pay for it and watch others do the same.


LOL! I like the colour scheme :slight_smile:

Now, when purple was combined with yellow, at Planet Fitness, after a month I couldn’t handle it any more and had to go back to my previous, more expensive club. I felt like I was working out in a Barney & Friends show :stuck_out_tongue:


Still wishing for this every day I use Channels :frowning:


I put with this disastrous color scheme as I “love” Channels DVR solution…but I’d be happier if it could be changed. Even b/w would be preferable.


I posted this a while back to request a slight UI change that better displays the time remaining for a show on the guide, but I also love how it only uses color in certain highlighted areas rather than the whole UI. I think purple can work it just doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

The white channel logos are a nice touch as well


I couldn’t agree more. The first time I tried this app I said it was awesome, but I need to change these colors.


I agree. The option to change the colors would be my number one request.


I too like the idea of the ability to change how the UI works (e.g changing colours, making the channel logos all white etc). This is a feature I would happily pay for.


This purple is burning my retinas.


This is really nice man… That’s perfect in my book, it really is. Maybe fit one more row of channels specially for those of us who have a big tv which is now a days most people.


Suggest you post your request for additional row of new channels via “Post New Request”, as this thread appears to be devoted to requests for “new color scheme”.


I think he was referring to the example I posted needing another row, not the Channels app itself. Personally I think that should be another option… 5,6,or 7 rows depending on how large the TV is.


+1 for this as well. Just switched over from Plex and loving Channels so far, however the purple color scheme feels a bit childish and not as crisp or modern. I would love the ability to change the color scheme or add some type of “theme” to my Android TV setup to make it feel more modern and slick.


Yes I concur. More color themes would be an improvement to the app.


So is there a chance of this happening or is it a “not likely” type of thing?


Have there been any updates on offering a different color scheme for the Apple TV app?


Anyone have any updates on this?

I’m guessing that the silence on this request means that the developers have no intentions of making any changes.


Well, I think the feature is working as intended. They have a set of features they have prioritized, and they probably love the color just fine, and are maybe K-State fans like my household.

On these feature updates, especially those that don’t affect functionality, don’t require a response until they hit some critical mass. They can then concentrate on helping users with difficulties or working on some secret exciting anniversary update in January.

Good luck on the Feature Request!