Feature Request: Customization of RW/FF


I’ve used the current DVR alpha for Live sports and it works great.
The one thing that isn’t comparable to my Verizon DVR box is the options for rewind and fast forward.

For Verizon I have have a button that will jump ahead either 7/15/30 seconds depending on what I choose in the settings. There’s another button that will do 2x/4x/8x.

The current options in Channels are 30s forward, 7s back for click of the remote, or hold down a direction to FF pretty quickly. For an NFL game, the 30s skip is too long between down time and the hold option goes to quickly to see what’s going on.

My suggestion would be to allow 7/15/30 seconds option for the touch pad click, as well as a way to choose a slightly slower FFWD option.


I guess no one else struggles with this through the NFL playoffs :frowning:


This is definitely planned. We just need to revamp the Settings tab first and figure out where to put DVR specific settings, since it’s getting a bit overwhelming on there already.


nice thanks!


+1 for customization, although I have to say that I quickly got used to the +30/-7, and definitely prefer it over the default +10/-10 on the ATV. I love the double-click to skipping over commercials too.


another football season without customization of RW/FF :frowning:


I’ll add this next week


+1 for this. Will also be very useful for baseball games in addition to the football example given.


Customized Seek durations have been added and is out in the beta that just went out.

As an added bonus, I added custom seek durations just for sporting events! That way, you don’t have to constantly change them for sports and change them back if you want a different duration for regular shows.


Cool! I see it now in testflight. I was hoping maybe for a 15 sec option for sports. But I’ll test out the 10 sec and 20 sec options and see how it goes.



Definitely let us know how well the durations work. I don’t particularly want to have EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE option in there, but if the ones in there don’t fit well, please let us know and we can accommodate. We want it to actually solve the problem it’s trying to solve, heh.


I’m thinking about swapping out the 20s option for 15s. That’ll give these options: 3, 7, 10, 15, 30.



I was going to suggest that, the 20s seems like I’d never use them, but 15 I could.


There’s a new tvOS beta up with 15s skip option replacing the 20s skip option.


Any thoughts on implementing a kodi style skip based on consecutive touches? 5sec, 15sec, 30sec, 1min, 5min, 10min


That style is more about getting through the timeline faster, rather than precise seeking. The Siri remote has that problem solved.


fair enough, might be something to note for future Android TV development


Bumping this one up for my first question. As with the OP, there is the issue of fast forwarding through live TV too quickly. Is there a way to customize it so we can choose a slower speed?