Feature Request: Daily TVE Availability Status Report

I'm well aware of the TVE churn going on, but I still find TVE worth paying for. I do however have to frequently update my TVE custom channels m3u because of frequent changes. To do this I have a collection of tools I have cobbled together.

Something occurred to me while doing this: it might be helpful to all of us TVE custom channels users (and perhaps others) if the CDVR server could nightly check the status of my TVE source and give me a report telling me if any TVE channels have become "no longer available" for whatever reason. Also, on the off chance that a TVE channel has returned (as happened here with a recent server update) those channels would also be reported. One nice implementation would be to put the settings for this feature (on/off, where to store the report, is the report summary, verbose, whatever) in the settings for the TVE source. That way, if a user has multiple TVE sources, each one can be monitored independently.

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I believe the guys have something in Olive Tin for that (or they're adding it)-
OliveTin for Channels: An Interface for Misc Channels DVR Scripts & Tricks - Playground - Channels Community (getchannels.com)

And if you're really adventurous, you can try my little docker app I recently published that will notify of channel changes between runs too. :slight_smile:

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@kman0's docker app seems very interesting. It's quite clever to be able to monitor the logs from the server. :+1: I'm thinking I may try to use it to be notified when recordings are interrupted, for example.

If you are not too comfortable with docker, I can also suggest a script I wrote:

It is also in OliveTin and I think this is what @kman0 was referring to.

Also, this may not be exactly what you are requesting but @chDVRuser keeps a list of TVE channels that are removed (and re-added):