Feature request - delete prompt

One thing I liked about TiVo is that if you're within 5 minutes of the end of a recording and you exit it pops up a dialog asking if you want to delete. It was a nice little convenience feature.

The modal that shows your current watching episode has a delete button in the More button.

This is where you end up after watching a show. So you can get to it right there.

We’re aware of the old TiVo functionality and how useful it was. So we thought our UX pattern worked well with that old workflow.

The other thing is that storage is not at a premium these days like it used to be. So needing to delete right away isn’t nearly as paramount as it was in 2003 :slight_smile:

That's not the case if you use the play button to start the recording. When you exit out the main item on the left is still highlighted. To delete you have to click, right, right, click. 4 clicks just to delete.

Also just out of curiosity what do you guys use to write the UI? Looks like maybe a web framework like React or Angular?

The apps are 100% native to each platform. We don’t use cross platform tools like that for the ui.

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