Feature Request: Download to iOS or other mobile device

I travel. Quite often it’s to places that do not have internet or cellular service,

The feature that would help me the most is the capability to download shows to my iPad before I leave home, taking the show with me.
My thoughts on how this would work is one of two ways:

  1. In the Channels UI I would click a download button, and the show would arrive in my TV app in iOS.
  2. In the Channels UI I would click that same download button, and the video would show up in the Channels app in iOS. The .edl file would get transferred with the show, and the commercial skip settings that I have set in the app would be honored when I watch the show.

And of course, there would need to be some file management type stuff for deleting watched shows, etc…

Every other commercial app (TiVo, Netflix, Prime Video) has this type of feature that allows you to take the content with you. It seems to be missing from Channels.

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The Devs have expressed interest in doing this in the past, but didn’t indicate how far down the list of features it might be.

Integration with the Apple TV app is dependent upon Apple themselves, IIRC. Also, I believe part of being able to integrate with the Apple TV app requires using the tvOS system video player. (When playing a video of channel in Channels, the iOS/HomeKit widget won't update with Channels' status, indicating there are some additional issues ...)

A work around for this is to transfer the files to a SSD drive and use the Rav Power File Hub to watch them when you have no internet or good internet on the go at HQ. That's what I am doing and so far it has been working like a charm.

(Unfortunately, they are sold out at the moment.)

I would really like to do this on my Android phone.

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Yeah sorry to spoil the Apple party but us Android folks would definitely be interested in this also.

Ok, I changed the title. I use the iOS variety, but it makes sense that this is a feature for all of the mobile app platforms that Channels supports.

One of my rare use cases for still having Plex Pass (Lifetime anyway). My Plex media server is on the same machine as my Windows server and I just point Plex to my Channels directories. Works fairly OK.