Feature request: Favorite Show (Linear TV)

Love the new stuff in the Beta to manage recorded content and looking forward to rolling that out to the family when it is ready for release. However, I have a suggestion for a very helpful feature for those of us who still watch live (gasp), linear broadcast television; Favorite Shows. Even with live TV, we watch shows, not channels. So while favorite channels may get you in the ballpark, with favorite shows you could instantly go to correct channel when that show is live (or almost ready to start). Shows, regular news programs or even FAVORITE SPORTS TEAMS! (did I overdo the emphasis?) could all be marked as favorites similar to how recordings or season passes are set. Just don't particularly want to record everything, and if I did, I may still want to watch it live when it starts.

You could have an option to display your favorite shows on the top shelf for quick navigation, or conspicuously in other places in the UI perhaps.

I saw something similar to this in the first release of DTVNow. I loved the idea of the feature but being AT&T they hosed it up and then eventually removed it altogether. Haven't subscribed for a couple of years now so have no idea if it does something like that.

My #1 feature desire remains to be able to change the lineup/order centrally from the DVR, but perhaps something like this might get me directly to the content I want to watch even faster than a well organized lineup showing on now.

In any case, thank you for all you do