Feature request: file id lookup or commercial detection on import


Would it be possible to provide a url end point that can return the internal FILE ID when passed a file name (possibly with path?)

I would like to manually trigger a recomskip but I need the file ID and from looking around at the network traffic in the web UI, I don't see a current end point that will allow me to look this up?

(Alternatively - commercial detection automatically [perhaps optionally] on the new TV Show import would eliminate the need for this)

Thanks in advance for your consideration

The /dvr/files end point has a full list

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FYI - when Channels DVR runs comskip after a recording is finished it will wait until that comskip is finished before running another comskip on another recording.

If you manually run recomskip, you could run it on any number of files at the same time and you'll get an instance of comskip for each one, which could bring your Channels DVR server to its knees.


You can also poll current status of the server. With that you could loop and wait until there are no comskip processes running before starting one to avoid that issue.

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thanks, that will work (not sure how I missed it)

Thanks everyone

@tmm1, are there any current plans to add commercial detection on the import for TV shows? Perhaps even as an option?