Feature Request: Guide button and page up/down

Not sure if this is specific to the TS4k or not, but when I hit the guide button, I get the guide plus the menu to the left, and I have to right click to access the guide. Why? Might sound petty, but it's annoying. I want to hit guide and navigate in the guide like 100% of everything that is channels based. If it's a TS4k thing, maybe make the tivo button do that.

And is there a way, while in the guide, for the channel up/down buttons to act as page up/down to navigate through the guide easier/quicker?

And since I'm here... Infinite looping in the quick and standard guide. There should be no end and no beginning when scrolling through the guide.

Thanks, and while still a bit new and previously skeptical I could replace my tivo dvr, I think I'm a convert. :blush:

Channel up/down already does move the guide page up and down....(at least in the beta and alpha version apps, not sure of that is in Stable build yet)
Did u enable the button mapper accessibility for Channels app?
The infinite scroll thing, has been requested before (use the search on this form)

Definitely not in stable. And yes to the button mapper. Haven't ventured to the beta yet, but will give it a shot when I get a chance.

Think I commented in the infinite scroll thread a few days ago. I just tacked it on since I was in the requesting mood.

The guide button showing the menu to the left is something I hope gets addressed. Has no place when hitting guide.

Thanks for the quick responses all around. :+1:

I believe this is in how the app is structured. Both the stable and beta versions have this issue; the alpha version does not exhibit this behavior.

So, it will be fixed in the future, and is already in the works.

Try the beta app. its more of a pre-release than anything else. quite stable.
the Alpha, has part of the New UI that the Apple TV version has been using.
It is much nicer, but still has some bugs to work out...but I have been on Alpha version for months on all my devices.

Will give them a shot. Is it like doing other app betas? Is there a button to click in the app to participate in the beta?

In the Settings > Player section of the (stable) Android app is an option to download/install the beta. The beta (but not the stable, I don't think) has an option to update the beta (if available), as well as an option to install the alpha.

(Just make sure that sideloading is enabled. Also for more recent Android versions, you also have to enable each individual app to have permissions to install applications/updates.)

Got it. Found the link to become beta. And the update just hit via the play store.

Link to the alpha? Imagine that's something that gets sideloaded.

As previously stated, it is in the beta's settings under Settings > Player.

Sorry. Glossed over when I did the beta update through the playstore. Got it now. Thanks.