Feature Request: Limit Continuous Streaming Time or Data

A useful feature would be to implement either a server side or client side timer.. such that a time or data limit on an "untouched" program would trigger a "stop" on the client.

In my house, I have channels clients accessing a remote channels DVR server in another town. Certain members of my household start watching a remote live TV channel via a HDHOMERUN, and then leave it running all day and maybe leave the house. This rapidly eats up both the local and remote internet data caps. The channels client API does not report a "run time since last pause or stop" or a "data usage since last pause or stop" -- if this value was available in a status query this feature could be implemented using a server polling the client APIs and sending a "stop" api command to a client that has been streaming without a stop or pause after a time such as 3 hours. Otherwise a DVR server or Channels client based implementation would be great.

In the player there's a Sleep Timer option which does this.

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" Set the Sleep Timer

While watching live TV or a recording on Apple TV, swipe down to get the Info Bar and choose the Options tab. Select the Sleep Timer option to set how long it is.

In iOS, while watching live TV or a recording, use the More button in the navigation bar to get to the Sleep Timer option.

How it works

Once the timer has ended, the playback will stop, allowing your device to sleep. The sleep timer will persist between channel changes when Channel Surfing or changing via the Quick Guide. When you leave the player to go back to the main menu, the Sleep Timer will reset.

The sleep timer feature requires a channels user to explicitly set it. This is not really a feasible option. If I cannot get my household to exit out of channels when they are walking away from the TV there is zero chance they will "just set" a sleep timer every time they start watching a program.

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I just tested the sleep timer feature. If set, once you exit out of channels player and restart it, the sleep timer feature is turned off. If you had a "persistent sleep timer" feature that survives an app restart, that would work.

Sounds like you need a "Are you still watching feature"

I remember on Dish. If you went "X" ammount of time watching live TV without pressing any buttons. A prompt would come up and say "Are you still watching". If you did not click yes it shut off the TV.

+1 Request.

A TV left on in background forgotten about can chew up bandwidth. The server admin cannot realistically expect users to remember to use sleep timer.

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I like the idea of a "persistent sleep timer" also. I don't see this option in client settings which I use since I am in a household setting, which may be a way to get that functionality.