Feature Request: multi-user support

Those tags are from the guide data provider

You are correct, but there is a database structure that Channels creates and uses for tracking your schedules and recordings, none of that is provided through the guide data. So adding a field to that structure for tagging a recording would be a simple procedure.

Again, as I said before I’m not asking that ALL elements of the Channels interface be changed to reflect the unique user experience, just the Recordings view. That view already respects the All, Sports, Kids filters, Channels would just add a filter for user. In the iOS and ATV apps, it would just add an additional section below/above the other (Up Next, All, Sports, Kids) for each user.

So, given that I don’t understand how the code works things in Channels, I would be interested to here from @tmm1 or @maddox just from a feasibility standpoint how they see their code working with this type of request.

funny you should say that scooter, as i was just about to say i’m not quite sure why we’re all going back and forth on how this should be implemented as all i did was request a feature. how it gets done is up to the developer to figure out. assuming they like the idea to start with.

i am surprised there aren’t more people speaking up who would like the ability to “hide” all the crap that other people in your family are recording, so that you can more easily get to your stuff. but i guess i’m just weird or something

You know how it goes…one thing led to another, and then… :smiley:

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There have been previous requests for “profiles” going back to last April, however it would be implemented. I thought it was a “nice to have”, but it’s never created any problems in my house with too much on the screen or people deleting or messing up the progress info.

Ensuring that all the existing clients are closer to parity with iOS/tvOS (excepting for platform abilities) or a Win10 UWP would be higher on my list.

ImNotSerious, thanks for the informative response. my only counter to that would be that i have a 4yr old with an iPad Pro and she can totally rock that thing. but it would be nice if i could set up channels to only show “her” shows when she opens it, so that i know she has easy access for getting to the things i’ve recorded for her.

as i said before, i’m not looking for authentication here, so i’m not suggesting Channels should aid in keeping my child away from content i don’t want her seeing.

i will search the term “profiles” and see what i can learn about other’s suggestions/request on the topic. thanks

Hi folks.

Realistically speaking, multi-user support is not something we’re going to have the bandwidth for until sometime next year.

There’s no sense in talking about implementation details- we’ll figure that out. What we’re most interested in from everyone is use-cases. This is a great one for instance:

We would love to hear more concrete use-cases like this as it will help us design and implement something that makes Channels DVR better for everyone.


I feel better trying to think like a programmer though…even though I’m not one. ha

when you’re not neck deep with other stuff, would you mind explaining a little the “bandwidth” statement in some more detail?

i had really thought a simple “manual” filter vs an all out user account management approach. but like you said, you guys will figure out the devil in the details

We use the term bandwidth for other things at my work too. I think he is just saying they only have so much time and resources to put toward upgrades. Until he has more “bandwidth” to get to this sorta thing on the agenda they have for the app it just can’t get implemented.

Definitely interested for the same use case as my 2 year old gets around apps like crazy herself.

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The “recorded” show index database doesn’t get touched

new table added for user filtering

table: viewer ~~> id,name,adult_content(true/false)

                  note: adult_content(true/false) set when submitting recording default = false

table: dvrshow_viewer ~~> viewer.viewer_profile_id, [dvr_recordings?].show_id

gui stays the same in
if there is a profile chosen “viewer” then filter all recorded shows for viewer.
recording something that someone else already set to record show appear as it does now… i.e. “modify” with the option to [add to my profile]

in short this took all of 5 minutes to conjure up.

There is a need to sort out a recordings per each family member. especially to protect children!

I’ll add some more use cases.

My wife doesn’t care for the shows I pull from CW’s DC-verse. She does, however, record a lot of cooking and travel shows from PBS. We’d be quite happy to have the two never meet on any device except the Apple TV. :slightly_smiling_face:

My son would do well to have his own bucket as well, and I’d like to be able to approve certain shows or episodes for him (even if that just means I’m tagging it and he can only see a filtered list by that tag; that’s how I do it in Plex today so that’s fine).

I have a friend who is out of the country for a while. I’d love to be able to “gift” him a tuner on my device (either one tuner of one HDHR or a whole HDHR) and let him schedule whatever he wants, presuming it’s not already scheduled. He’d get a view with just those shows (not strictly, but by default – not expecting security in this, just defaults).

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I think the biggest use scenario for me is recording management. I have people in the house that watch the same shows but not always at the same time so knowing where I am versus where another person is at both during a specific episode as well as which episodes each of us has watched would be nice.

Additionally, I see this as very beneficial for deleting recordings. Again, there are some shows that multiple people watch but not always together so it would be nice to have a way to say which users watch a particular show and once the watched status is set for all the users that watch that show it can either be deleted by the user or maybe as part of the recording menu there is a choice to auto-delete an episode/show once all users have watched it.

I think those are the big ones for me, I hate accidentally deleting something that I didn’t realize someone else wanted to watch, but I also agree with having parental controls and not seeing things that others record that I don’t care about.

I would love multi-user support. For me, it would be mostly for remote access. I don’t necessarily want to give my daughter my username/password (I sign in with google) for her to be able to see content on her iPad / iPhone remotely. Sure, I can type it in, but it occasionally asks for it again which can be a hassle.

And then being able to tag a show or content suitable for different users.

Use case: separate channel favorites per user / profile. When I log in the guide reflects MY favorites vs wife’s favorites. This wasn’t a huge issue with OTA channels only, but with TVE channels this will be essential. I don’t want to see Oxygen and Hallmark in the guide, wife doesn’t want to see all my sports channels. Kids only want Disney, Nick, cartoon, etc...

@tmm1 This still going to happen?

Multi user support isn’t currently in our timeline of features to work on.

I would also like to see a simple user profile implementation. For my purposes, simply implementing additional favorites ("Jay's favorites", "Nancy's favorites", etc) would be a great start. User-specific views of the recordings would be my next priority.

My use case is to enable my wife to find her TV channels and recordings without having to search though my mom's voluminous catalog of recorded shows. If we had young kids living with us, I'd also like to be able to make at least one kids view.

I'm currently implementing this by running two instances of Channels DVR on my media server. One of them is running in a Hyper-V instance, and it seems perfectly happy. This will result in duplication, but I have the disk space for it (for now).

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very disappointed to hear this. the logic that everyone in a household from 1yr old up to 100yrs old has the same preferences/interests in entertainment absolutely blows my mind. mulituser support of any type would majorly declutter the interface and make it far easier to browse for just the content i'm interested in

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