Feature request: Offline download

Maybe a bit premature since you’re just now beta testing remote streaming, but the next feature I’d love to see is the ability to download recordings for offline viewing. This would be very handy when on a long flight, etc. Any chance of it being on the roadmap?


Who leaked the roadmap!

Yeah, that’s all in the plans. No promises on when it shows up, but offline viewing is in the plan.


It was probably reince priebus

Just curious, is offline viewing, i.e. ability to download to my device, still in the plans?

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Yes. We consider offline access a critical feature for the Channels platform.


Great! I just spent a few hours compressing and transferring many shows from my computer to my iPad for summer upcoming flights. Offline viewing would be welcomed!

Hi there, download to the Android (phone) app would solve my problem of slow upload speed when away from home. I tried watching recorded content while on vacation but it was terrible. If I could download then play back later my problem would be solved and I could watch when not connected.

Any news on when we might see this on Android?

Thanks, Doug