Feature request: Pg Up/Dn

Firstly, thanks to the team for the quick fix to 2.1.25 to correctly wrap the description in the episode detail dialogue for recordings. (Also for the red progress indicator for recordings-in-progress; I just noticed that while posting this.)

Since Channels correctly handles CH +/- keypresses during live playback, I would like the keypresses to be overloaded in the guide view. Currently, navigating the guide grid is only possible with the D-pad. It'd be great if the CH +/- keys could be used to scroll the guide grid by pages.


The guide view should already be responding to KEYCODE_PAGE_UP and KEYCODE_PAGE_DOWN.. It used to work but perhaps does not anymore.

I didn't read closely enough. You're asking that channel up/down be mapped to those as well, on the guide.

Correct: that in the guide, KEYCODE_CHANNEL_[UP|DOWN] functions the same as KEYCODE_PAGE_[UP|DOWN].

Am I missing something, I can't get the guide to page up and down with the ts4k remote or a universal remote on any device (tivo stream 4k, apple tv 4k, firestick or firecube). This feature and view the guide while keeping the current channel tuned are the two issues keeping me from scrapping emby and plex. Don't get me wrong the quick guide is great but although you can view what is coming up next you can't record it from there.. I think being able to record what is coming on next is more important than something I'm already watching , ie I'm 15 minutes behind and going to watch a show on a different channel next I have go to another device to set it to record.

You're not missing anything. Presently, the guide only responds to actual PgUp and PgDn buttons. (You know, if you were to connect an actual keyboard to the device, and press the actual PgUp or PgDn buttons.)

My request is to have the Channels app respond to the ChUp and ChDn buttons in the same way it does PgUp/PgDn while in the guide.

Thank you for the clarification. I support the request 100% any one with a spouse who is not into change should understand. It took me years to switch over from tivo.

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Added to new beta build.


I'm currently on 6.5.2012 the option to install beta is no longer an option under player settings. How can I get the latest beta? Thanks

It was there for me. Make sure you've allowed the Beta app to install apps in the system's Security settings; it's disabled by default.

I just checked that again under install unknown apps and channels DVR is set to on. And verify apps is off. But still not showing up.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I thought it use to say channels DVR Beta under unknown sources now it only says channels DVR. Wonder if I lost the beta app somehow.

Are you using the Channels DVR app from the store? The beta option only appears in that app.

Found the update in the my apps section under updates available. I have the auto update set to update at any time but there were 6 apps just sitting there.
Updated to 6.10.1829. I think the problem is I only have the beta version on here and not the release. That must have been uninstalled when I was cleaning up.

thanks for the update works great. It is a big improvement to the app and thanks for all the hard work.