Feature request: please support AirPods skip forward/back

Hey channels devs: the skip forward/back functions of the AirPods do not work with any of the Channels apps. It would be applicable for all of them (as AirPods can be used with Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and Mac (which I use the iPad app on). Could this please be added? There are plenty of times I have my phone or iPad perched for viewing and it’s very inconvenient to reach it to skip ahead.

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I’m seeing it work, but next/back on these translates to skipping between commercial blocks on Channels, Skip, not Seek (30s default).

This makes sense as the idea is that the gesture on the AirPods is skipping songs, not skip ahead in a song.

There’s not much we can do about this as there’s no such thing as supporting AirPod controls. On iOS, you just support a single system and several other systems use that. iOS Remote, Now Playing screen, AirPods, etc.

[email protected] I’m not sure I follow your explanation either as to how it works or why a change in behavior isn’t possible. For podcasts, for example, double “squeezing” AirPods skips ahead a user-definable number of seconds. Triple “squeezing” will skip back a user definable number of seconds. This is the closest analogy to a DVR experience.

When I double-squeeze my AirPods while watching a show on iOS, nothing happens at all. What did you observe happens when you do it?

That’s because those apps respond to the skip track command by seeking ahead X seconds.

I observed this while using the Apple TV app. I’ll check again today with iOS.

That skip ahead X seconds feature is what I’m looking for. What other functionality makes more sense for Channels than this?

That’s just it, if we changed it, it would change in other places.

This is the world we have to deal with when we don’t control external APIs. All we can do is map to them.

I’ll take a look at all the places it’s used and see what the fall out is. But I don’t have time to have an engineering discussion around our project in a thread.

We ask for you guys to just trust us.

Tl:dr is that there is no “AirPod clicked event” to respond to that we’re not responding to. That’s not how iOS works.

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