Feature Request - Prime Time


Would like to see the "Prime Time Anytime" feature that is built into Dish be added. I worked with Krustyreturns and he added it to his ServerWMC code.

Basically it allows you to select which channel and when and then single show timers are auto created each night at midnight for the next day for that channel and time. All the programs during the specified time are recorded. There is also a blacklist to exclude specific programs from the bulk record. It is an amazing function as you no longer have to remember to set timers and if there is a special show during primetime it is also recorded.

As an example, I have it set for me to record everything between 7pm and 9pm on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and CW, with a blacklist to skip programs I do not like. The recorded programs are dropped into my MCE Buddy folder, comskipped, properly re-named and placed into my library folder where they are imported.

Works like a champ. I want to someday stop using MCE at all and if this was added to Channels, it would be awesome


You could do something like this using advanced passes. It's not as seamless as you would need to create several passes, but it's mostly possible.


Just ensure that your rule has the lowest priority so it doesn't supersede the recordings you really want.

I did this last year with Tvheadend (during Fall premiere season): create a rule for each channel to record all new programs between 8 and 11, M-F. Then, after all th shows were recorded, if there were any I wanted to keep I'd made a new rule for the series. Afterwards, I just deleted the "Prime Time" rules I created.


Thanks for the input. I'm looking at channels after years for MCE and Kodi. The main WAF point on the MCEServer version of prime-time is that is is 100% hands-free. So if there is a special program during the defined prime-time, the timer is created automatically, I don't get yelled at for forgetting to create, and then simply add anything we don't want to the blacklist and it never records.

Just a thought...



So how would I create a advanced rule that records a specific channel only from 7pm through 10pm. I can see how to add the channel and maybe a start time, but not a hard stop time.



If you added a Time CONTAINS 7pm it would match anything that starts during the 7pm hour (i.e. 7:00pm and 7:30pm).


So I would have to create a rule for each hour between 7 and 9pm for each of the "prime" channels?



Correct. I have some plans to allow multiple channels and times per pass, but that's not currently available.