Feature Request + Question


Feature Request/Suggestion: It would be great if there was an option to globally change the “Keep” settings for all existing passes OR maybe even better; show the “Keep” options directly on the Passes tab/list without having to drill into each to change it. This is particularly handy when upgrading HDDs, moving to a NAS, etc. and you have more space to work with. Even just the global option would make it a lot easier to manage, then you can go into the couple specific shows you want to keep more/less of.

Question: Related to above, I moved Channels from my Mac to a DS216+II - how do I uninstall it from my Mac? I know there is the ./channels-dvr directory but I wasn’t sure if simply deleting that would do the trick or would cause the launchd setting to cause an error.

quick mockup of above:


Uninstall on mac using:


Then you can delete that directory.


Ok, forgive me for this dumb question, but how do I run uninstall.sh without it simply opening in a text editor?


Open Terminal.app and copy/paste that command


./channels-dvr/uninstall.sh does not work in Terminal. No such path.


To uninstall on Mac, download the installer from our site and run it. It will notice the existing install and let you uninstall.