Feature Request: Remove padding on back to back same channel recordings

It would be a great feature I think to be able to use an option that removes padding on back to back recordings on the same channel. This would allow for Channels to use the same tuner IE not tying up more than one for the same channel.

The DVR server already implements tuner sharing, and only uses one tuner when two recordings are happening back-to-back.

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That's strange, one of the series I record is the Chicago series (Med, Fire, PD) they air back to back. I notice it uses 3 tuners until the padding expires.

Are you perhaps using an Extend with transcoding enabled? A bug was recently fixed where the tuner would not be reused if "Heavy" transcoding was set.

No I am using 2 3cc hdhr prime's

Interesting. I never had a problem with Channels reusing an existing opened tuner for a subsequent recording. Can you post logs from the server from when the recording took place?

I don't have a recording back to back for a while, but I will post logs as soon as I can.