Feature Request - Screen Saver

It may seem silly, but as the owner of one of these expensive OLED TVs that they say you should take care to avoid screen burn in, I find myself concerned at times. Often, I will pause live TV to go do something and let the buffer fill up so I can then come back later to watch and FF through commercials. When live TV is paused, I get worried about the burn in issue. Would it be possible when paused to invoke the Apple TV screen saver after the time period set? I have mine set at the lowest of 1 minute, but if it could use the ATV screen saver and whatever time setting is set on ATV during a pause, that would be great. If it would require Channels to have its own screensaver, I think that would be unfortunate from a development perspective, but would still have great utility.


Ohhh. Great point! I don’t think we’re doing that right now and we should.

I picked up one of those OLEDs this fall too :smile:


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Yeah, this is a great idea! Not just for my OLED (I’m cool too!) but the LEDs is where I normally see image retention.

Yeah, the OLED fixes itself fast.

…just in case people are getting scared away from THE BEST TV EVER. Maybe we need a sub category heh.

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(Hijacking the thread)

Tell us about your OLED TVs! I’ve had my eye on the LG B6 for a while as its price meanders down. Hoping CES brings some more choices.

Just curious what y’all have and if you’d buy 'em again.

(And yes yes, I love Channels and anxiously await the DVR.)

I’d buy 5 more if I could. I got the 65" C6P because I’m weird and like 3D. It was also the same price as the B6, and the curve isn’t like the Samsung crazy curve so it’s not even noticeable.

I got the B6 when the price dropped during the week of Black Friday. 3D or curved wasn’t important to me.

These TVs are incredible. The blacks are so black, you think your TV turned off when the display blanks between things like production credits or commercials.

After weeks of using it I’ve settled on this comment regarding it:

While the upscaler is great, you CAN SLIGHTLY still tell that the content you’re watching isn’t native resolution, but the incredible color and contrast completely makes up for it. It’s a hell of a picture.

Having the Apple TV output at 4k definitely would make a big difference though. After watching some 1080p movies through Kodi on the nVidia Shield, it definitely looks better if the device does the upscaling and hands the TV a native resolution feed. But using a 1080p Apple TV is no slouch. Everything looks better, even if just slightlyyyyyyyyy a bit softer now because of the lack of native resolution.

As for 4K and HDR, I’m really excited for 2017 to start bringing way more of it to us, because it’s incredible. Words can’t describe it. Go find a Best Buy and stand in front of one.


Any update on this? I’d love a screensaver to come on when paused.

The screensaver comes on if you pause a recording. It is not possible to do the same during live tv due to technical reasons.

AT&T TV does have a screen saver when LiveTV is paused, but it is not the AppleTV screen saver. They actually queue advertisements with content in motion with no audio. Its better than a frozen screen. HBOGO/MAX does use the AppleTV screen saver, but in fairness its not live TV. My LG OLED has bad screen burn in from news channel banners at the bottom of the screen but not a Channels App issue.

Can you add a background record job when pause is pressed during live tv?