Feature Request - Show "channel number" used in recording details

If one goes to the DVR menu -> Recordings-> Recordings -> "Select a recording" -> * "View Details"
you see a bunch of useful information i.e. "meta data" on the recording file selected. However there is no indication of from what "channel number" the recording came from.. I have a HDHomeRun Prime and a HDHomeRun Extend and a TVE service configured. It has been shown via a couple of posts in the forums here that the DVR, when recording a show, will pick a channel from a priority list .. but the resulting file is not tagged with the device and/or channel number actually used. How does one determine this easily?

Could this information be added to the metadata and the detail display?

I'm pushing up a new build which will be available in about 30 minutes. You can hover over the channel logo on the right side of the recording and it should show the channel number.

Please add the channel number to the recorded filename also, something like.

Forged in Fire S06E28 2019-09-04 Blackbeards Cutlass 2019-09-04-2100 CH750.mpg

An easy implementation would be to modify the recording notice for each entry:

from: "Yesterday at 6:59 PM, 31 min"
to: "Yesterday at 6:59 PM, 31 min, chan 702"
or better yet: "Yesterday at 6:59 PM, 31 min, chan 702, device 601522"

I agree. Also, the popover is only applicable to the web UI, and I want the channel number to display on the client apps, too.