Feature Request: “Skip” Commercial Detection by Channel#/Pass


Multiple posts over the last few months indicate a desire to be able to setup passes with “Skip” Com Detection either by show or by channel.

My preference is by channel (PBS, TCM, etc.) as we record a lot of 2-3 episode shows on PBS and waiting for the first recording to be made to then modify is a hassle. TCM has a lot of old movies we record, and there is currently no way to set “Skip” for one-offs at all.

If this is not of interest to developers...can I at least modify my comskip.ini to skip those channels for commercial detection?

What about the Processing of recordings?

It is possible to do this per show:


Thanks for responding. I already do that but as per my original post there is no way to stop or skip the process for one offs (i.e., Movies).


Also the same show is sometimes on multiple channels, not all of which have commercials. Would love a global channel disable. For example, all the UK BBC channels could even be hard coded not to commercial detect as they never have any.


If Channels DVR was changed so that it added the channel# to the recorded filename it would probably be easier to determine if comskip should be run on the file based on its filename and a list of comskip excluded channels that a user provides that maybe gets stored in settings?

Moonshiners S04E10 2014-09-09 Shine Jacked 2019-07-02-0700 750-DSCHDP.mpg
Moonshiners S04E10 2014-09-09 Shine Jacked 750-DSCHDP 2019-07-02-0700.mpg

Sounds easy, but not sure how hard that would be to implement or if it would break other things that depend on the format of the filename.