Feature request: Support for live stream that are not TVE (Philo)

So request is simple. If you are able to extract URL for the stream for TVE and handle authorization with tv provider wouldn't it be nice if you get in touch with Philo and add support for 3 channels that are not available in Tv Everywhere system:

I'm sure Philo folks wouldn't mind, after all customer still pays for their service. They have great customer support.

Philo is owned by Viacom, AMC,[email protected], and Discovery. Yeah they would mind.


As a paying customer, you have more “pull” with Philo than the Channels developers do. The best route to achieve this would be to contact them yourself (and encourage other Philo subscribers to do so as well).

And you will get Channels shut down. Bad Idea.

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Why? Channels is legit software and you could watch stream only when authenticated. I'm sure there are TVE streams fo channels that also belong to Viacom, so?
There is no difference if you authenticate by Philo, YTTV or Spectrum. If this was illegal Channels would already be shut down.

I certainly do.

Because Channels RECORDS. Please don't contact them and ruin this for everyone.


Because Channels web page is Behinder firewall and in darknet and nobody knows of its existence. What planet are you live on?

Try posting on Philo TV's reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PhiloTV/

Their support team & CEO is pretty active there and often answers questions & feature requests.

Although I wouldn't get my hopes up since I strongly suspect the networks put things in the contracts preventing Philo from working with DVR makers or putting in anything that can circumvent advertising. They have lots of silly rules on when you're allowed to fast forward and how long things should be kept that a 3rd party DVR would be able to bypass. But it doesn't hurt to ask!

Did you actually read this thread before posting? Please read it would be wise to delete your posts off Reddit.


Is there a problem with my post? I'm referring OP to another forum where they might ask the people who make Philo directly.

The problem is that you are basically telling someone to tell the Networks that Channels is recording their content. Do you think that's a good idea?

It sounds like you're implying recording a TVE stream is somehow illegal or will result in Channels being shut down if someone finds out.

There is nothing illegal about this, most of the streaming services offer cloud recording themselves and all of the traditional cable companies offer DVRs. Philo also isn't a network, it's a streaming service like YoutubeTV, PSVue, etc.

This is all above-board and legit. This is a feature Channels DVR advertises and has gotten a good bit of press about on the tech sites. Asking another provider a question isn't going to cause the gestapo to send out murder squads.

Do some research. Philo is owned by AMC, Discovery and Viacom. and yes there is a big difference between recording on your personal hard drive and Philo recording on the cloud which is removed after 3O days.


Discovery Family channel too. U can sign in via catv log info online and in phone app and it has live TV stream. It shoud work same as the others.