Feature Request: Tuner Sharing uses tuner settings from DVR server


Currently, Channels clients are able to change the default tuner settings pulled in from the DVR server when it is first run. This includes which tuners are enabled, their priority order and which channels are enabled/favorites.

In order to enable tuner sharing on a client you need to do several things: enable it on the DVR tab, ensure that all of the tuners are in the same priority order and ensure the same tuners are enabled/disabled. Maybe it's just me, but that's a whole lot of additional trouble to go through.

What I am asking is that when enabling tuner sharing, the client uses the tuner settings from the server, instead of allowing whatever had been modified on the client to override the settings from the server. Otherwise there are many steps needed in order to ensure that the feature works at all.


Tuner sharing still works regardless of what priority it is on each Client. If I have a tuner set to number one and am watching Channel 2.1 and another client connects with a different tuner priority and starts watching 2.1 it will use the same tuner as long as you have tuner sharing on it will work.


Really? I haven't really put it to the test, mostly because lately there haven't been many times when multiple TVs were tuning the same channel.

I just recall when I was first setting my DVR server that there was a forum post from one of the developers stating that the tuner priorities had to coincide on the client to match the server. However, if what you say is true, that's good news.

However, the other component of my request—that tuner sharing also supersedes the tuner/channel settings in the client—still stands.


I am watching NCAA on my Tablet and Shield with different tuner priorities and they are using the same tuner.... so only one tuner is in use.