Feature Request: Upon Commercial Skip, display "Show Progress" bar

I love the Automatic Commercial Skip but One thing I keep expecting is to also show the progress bar for the show you're watching (or have the option to turn it on). Many times I want to reach for the remote to display it after.

If this is a feature, I'd love to have someone show me how to enable it.



Only with a remote:

  • On Apple TV, tap the touch surface to show the progress bar; and
  • On Android press Up to show the progress bar.

There is currently no way I know of to show the progress bar on demand without direct interaction.

(Of course, given how spotty commercial detection can be, all of my devices are set manual skipping; it is only ever changed when watching 60min+ programs that use the feeds for detection rather than Comskip, like Food Network.)

I am hoping that when auto commercial skip kicks in, they can just show the progress bar as well at the bottom. Then I don't have to touch the remote. And, if commercial skip is spotty, you will notice a large gap where no commercials are and you could then rewind and catch the part you've missed.

Easy win!