Feature Requests and Voting


Can’t find a FAQ covering this.
Is there a way to view all Feature Requests and vote on them?
Does voting count for anything?
What determines the number of votes we get?

Since there are mutiple sections of this forum devoted to the DVR and Clients, it’s hard to see the Feature Requests without visiting all those sections of the forum. I’m sure a specific Client request could be applicable to other client apps also. i.e. I may not use the Android TV client, but a Feature Request for it might apply to the Apple TV or iOS apps or the DVR.


I could imagine a rating of 1-10, where 0=see new Beta and 10=Get real :grin:
09-Not currently possible.
08-Almost impossible and highly unlikely.
07-Really, really hard to do and would require 2,500 more subscriptions to justify even looking into it.
06-Send me your resume if you think you can do it.
05-It’s on our LONG LIST of things to do!
04-Are you the only one asking for that?
03-It’s been voted in and accepted.
02-Still working on it.
01-Almost there!
00-See new beta release.


There is a voting component to any threads created under the Feature Request subcategories for each category. It’s more of a +1 kind of vote.

Keep in mind that voting is only something we use to gauge how many people want a feature, votes won’t directly effect our roadmap because they are high.