Feature Requests - Manually remap channels & multiple custom favorites lists

I'd like to request the ability to manually remap channels. In my setup, I have a QUATTRO, a PRIME, and TVE channels. I'd like the ability to create a custom channel map that would let me group them in a manner that makes sense to me, as opposed having to scroll all over the place. For example, One of my local channels I can only get through my antenna. I'd like to be able to remap it to a spot that is adjacent to my other locals which are present in my channels tuned via my PRIME. WMC used to have this capability back in the day. This link (https://s3.amazonaws.com/hauppauge/manuals/mce_qam_remmaping.pdf) shows what I'm talking about.

Another feature I'd like to request is the ability to create multiple, custom favorites lists. This could be useful in a couple of ways: I can create multiple groups of like channels for quick tuning & different members of my household can have their own quick lists. Bonus points if I can switch between them on the quick guide.

Extra special bonus points if these two features can be combined. The ability to create my own channel maps coupled with multiple custom favorite lists would be super powerful and add a tremendous amount of usability.

In Version 4.0 of the Apple apps, you can rearrange the channels for your favorites. Add all the channels to favorites that you want to arrange. Then go into On Now and press and hold a channel. It gives you an option to rearrange them. How ever you arrange them will be the same order they show in Guide when you pick favorites. I agree that would be nice feature to be able to have multiple favorites lists.

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This is not new to version 4. You have been able to rearrange the channels for your favorites for quite some time now.

OK, my bad. I have only been using for a few weeks so didn't notice it until I got into the beta. Is this feature of rearranging channels also available on Android and Fire?

Thanks for the tip! I'm using Fire TV 4k, though, so I'll have to check and see if that feature is available in the Fire version. While not exactly what I was after, it'll definitely accomplish what I'm trying to do with the remapping. If it's not in the Fire version yet, I amend my feature request to ask for it to get ported over. The request for multiple custom favorites lists stands as well.

Yes. This works the same for Android-based platforms.

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