Feature Requests: Start page & guide customizations


A few feature requests:

  • The option to choose what to display upon startup of the channels app: What's on or the guide. (I want to have the guide appear first at startup).

  • Guide channel customizations: Re-ordering, show/hide channels (hide channels not in package), show/hide channel numbers (or show channel name only). Many cable providers carry multiple versions of the same channel (SD vs. HD) and also show EVERY CHANNEL they offer instead of only channels I subscribe to. This feature would allow for guide customizations to ensure the guide UI is simple and clean.


Which app/platform are you referring too?

Most platforms the Channels app will remember where you were and open back to there.

You can hide channels on the settings tab, and mark the ones you use most as favorites

You can re-order favorites by click and holding on the On Now tab.