Feature Requests

Would like to see a switch to last channel viewed. Even better, a list of last several channels viewed.

  1. How far out will the guide build? It would be great if it could be enough to see what’s on today and tomorrow. (And eventually tie into the DVR so that we can see if there is anything we want to record beyond the same day.). That said, it does what is most important, shows what coming on next and in the near future, which is what she wanted to see the most…

  2. Any chance you are working on support the Picture-In-Picture option? That would be realllllllly nice.

Depends on the guide source. SiliconDust offers 4 hours of guide data. DVB EIT users in Europe should see up to 7 days of data.

Unfortunately this only works with the standard video player, which we are not able to use with the HDHomeRun streams. We are looking into other ways of making this work for future versions, but will likely not be part of the first release.

Airplay/screening mirroring works, but could you enable native Airplay icon within app. Also, possibly enable a “cast” icon for our non ATV friends.

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Not to whine (too much), I understand the Airplay limitations…

Please do consider the “cast” option. I know many users who own latest iOS devices, but no ATV, however most have a cast capable receiver. I understand not being able to cast if these receivers aren’t mpeg2 capable, but I don’t know their limitations.

They definitely can’t play back mpeg2, so it won’t really be an option. :frowning:

I’ve been testing the new beta on my iPhone 6 Plus and have not run into issues.
I am wondering if there’s a way to see the signal strength of each of the channels either in the grid guide or as part of the scan for channels function. i have the signals gh app that will show me the strength and quality. I noticed that it will scan and retturn even weak stations but the channels app seems to only return “good” strength stations in its scan, it that true?

I agree that display of signal strength would be a nice addition. How about including it where channels are displayed for favorite selection? Channel resolution 480p, 720p, 1080i, etc. would be nice as well.


I would like to see a clock noting the current time in the grid view, so that i know the time, or some additional visual to see what time it is relative to the grid. The best I can do is swipe down to bring up notifications, but i would prefer seeing the time in grid view without needing to suspend the app. I know there is a color difference between those shows currently airing and those to be aired in the future, but some indication of how far along time wise you are within the “currently playing” block would be helpful.

Ignore my previous request. I noticed that outside of landscape mode on the iPhone 6 Plus, a clock is present in the grid. Sorry.