Fewer Channels showing on the Channels app versus the hd home run app

I am seeing 89 channels on the hd homer app, but only 72 on the channels app..I rescanned, and it still only lists 72 channels on the "Channels" app, versus 89 on hd home run...what gives?


What does it show on my.hdhomerun.com

its showing 89 channels on myhdhomerum.com, and 72 channels in the channels app on my apple tv4k..

72 shows on the Settings tab of the app? Can you tell which channels are missing?

yes, If I compare what is on hdhome run versus the channels app..7-1,7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 45-7, there are many that aren't showing up in the channels app..

Did you try holding SHIFT while clicking the rescan button next to your HDHR in the Channels DVR web UI?
Maybe the HDHR tuner recently added those channels during a manual or background scan and Channels DVR hasn't picked them up yet.

I'm assuming your using an OTA HDHR Tuner. If using a Prime for cable, then DRM channels will show up in the HDHR app, but not in any Channels app.

Although it shows 551 channels for my Prime, that's just how many are in my subscribed package.
Channels won't show the DRM channels and I have 425 hidden, so in reality there are 126 channels in my Channels guide.

I'll try holding the shift button, and rescan..
not connected or interfacing with cable/prime, etc..


so, my problem is in the Apple TV app; when I scan in the Apple TV app, it will say 89 channels
for a few seconds, then it drops down to 72 or 71...If I rescan, it does the same thing..
In the web interface, it scans and show 89 channels, as it should..I've tried uninstalling and re installing the Apple TV app,. but the same thing continues to happen.
I think I am on version or the Apple TV


I'll have to defer that to the devs as I don't use an ATV.

Just wanted to add that on my iPad Pro with Channels v3.2.26 it's showing the correct # of channels for both of my Channels DVR installs. One using an HDHR Prime and the other for TVE.

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I’ve experienced the drop in channels just at the end of a scan with Apple TV. In my case it subtracted the channels I had marked as do not use (ie red x next to station in HDHR. So, not a issue, just something to be aware of. Hope this helps

If you click the pencil icon next to your HDHR in the Channels DVR web UI, it will popup a window with your channels and at the top it will say how many are hidden. In my case 425 of 551 channels are hidden (disabled).

I understand why the hidden ones might not show, but there are at least 7-10 others that I do NOT have "hidden", that show up in the hd homerun app, that don't show up in the channels app; THATS what I am trying to figure out


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Seems like a bug of some sort.

Please email us the file from http://x:8089/lineup.json?show=all to [email protected] (replace x with IP of your HDHR).

where will that file reside? On my Apple TV , my iMac, or somewhere else??

when I enter that URL into Safari or another browser, I get a "can't connect to that site" message..


did you change the "x" to your internal ip address?

yes, of course..

duh, I guess I should turn off vpn to capture that file...file sent, hope it helps, thanks to everyone