Find other showings

Channels is a really great app. I have used Plex and Emby, but I find the quality if Channels to be superior to both.

In the past, I would never watch movies on cable or network stations because of the commercials. Well, now that I have access to such a well executed comskip function, I have access to lot of content I would not otherwise watch. So, I need 2 things.

  1. I'd like to see the ability to see upcoming showings of the selected show in the guide and in the quick guide. I often find movies that have already started, but I want to see them from the beginning. So instead of just recording, I like to identify a showing so I can get a full recording.

  2. I'd like to be able to browse all upcoming movie showings Netflix style;. kind of like how the "On Now" tab works, but for all movies in the 2 week guide.

These are GREAT ideas and I agree, would be fantastic to see in Channels!

I agree especially with point 2. I am always going back to Plex just to see what movies are coming up in the next 2 weeks. Plex does that pretty well.

Channels can do this currently, but only for shows set up as season passes. I agree, it would be great to see the same feature on any random show in the guide.

Seems like they need to buy a Tivo and see what makes it tick.

Channels has the data, most of the ux already exists in the app in various places. It just needs to be implemented. No Tivo needed.

"needs to be implemented" is the key there. I'd take more functional improvements over form improvents any day. Unless they finally come to their sense that barney purple and lighter barney purple are not good color choices for a gui. But that's another rant.

We totally agree we need this. We’re working on making this functionality more available across the UI.

UI changes are delicate. If it was just a matter of adding another button, I don’t think people would appreciate our app as much. We spend an inordinate amount of time scrutinizing these changes to ensure Channels isn’t an overwhelming mess of an experience.


In a lot of situations, UI changes are delicate. However, you've already established patterns to meet the needs of this request. There might be complexity in applying these features across platforms.

I am also not saying doing this would be easy. These things are never as easy to implement as outsiders believe. This does seem to only require an update to the ui to point to elements that already exist in the app, though. It shouldn't require a deep dive into Tivo or any other app to figure this one out.

I have to remind myself of this. The variation of hardware that can run Channels is quite impressive, and a real job to support I would imagine. To add to that, it's 2020 and rife with automatic updates, so any given piece of hardware could look different on any given day.

I've tried to do this with curl and jq, but the responses are limited unless you select a channel#.
I'm sure the devs can figure it out.
The web UI Search->Upcoming Movies and OnLater->Top Movies seem to give a limited listing ~100
Problem is they're in no understandable order and can't be filtered/sorted.