FIOS 4K/UHD Playback with Apple TV 4K

Should I be able to watch FIOS 4K using Channels on an Apple TV 4K? It can tune the channel but can't play smoothly. Using a Fire TV Stick 4K and it plays perfectly. Neither were able to play a recorded 4K stream.

How are you receiving the stream? TVE I assume? Are there any errors shown in the DVR logs at the time of the issue?

These are coming via a HDHomeRun PRIME. No errors in the logs as far as I can see:

2020/10/15 20:01:52.882210 [TNR] Opened connection to 1314AA8C/1 for ch1499 Fios 4k2 [transcode=none]
2020/10/15 20:07:07.973630 [SNR] Statistics for ch1499 Fios 4k2: ss=100% snq=100% seq=100% bps=21693791,9342848-21785440 pps=2060,887-2070
2020/10/15 20:07:07.973759 [TNR] Closed connection to 1314AA8C/1 for ch1499 Fios 4k2

This was for the Fire TV. Will have to wait for another 4k stream to see if there is any errors for the Apple TV. I also tried experimental video driver with no luck.

Please record a sample from the HDHR and email to support

Sample from the Fox 4K World Series from last night was sent. This played on both the Fire TV and Apple TV, but was skipping on the Apple TV.

As I remember from when the Super Bowl was broadcast in 4K in January, it’s an issue with the Apple TV being unable to handle a certain type of stream or encoding. I’ve also got HDHR Prime and FIOS 4K stream, and the World Series plays fine on my Shield and Fire Stick but not Apple TV. This occurs in both Plex and Channels, isn’t app-specific, and all with Direct Play, non transcoding.

That's what I was afraid of, guess I'll have to pick up another Fire Stick for my main TV.

@tmm1 thought I'd dust off this thread. I also have FIOS with my HDHR Prime (via gigabit network, been working great for years) and am currently trying to watch the World Series on FIOS 1498 (4K channel) on my Apple TV 4K. The channel plays back smooth for about 5-7 seconds and then it gets choppy and jerky (audio still is fine, just video is the issue). I'm using the Experimental Video driver.

Any suggestions on how to debug? I recorded ~1 min clip and the same issue happens when trying to watch the recording.

Sounds like the same issue as before. It has to do with the Apple TV, not Channels. If you use another streaming device (Shield, Fire Stick) you will be fine using Channels, but I haven’t found an app on the Apple TV that could deal with this HDHR 4K stream. If someone else has a fix, you’d make me happy too!

I found that if you use the native HDHomeRun App on the Apple TV 4K it seems to give acceptable playback for the FIOS 4K. I'm curious if the newer Apple TV 4K (2021 version) would give better playback..

Good points. I have a fire stick 4k, an original Apple TV 4K, and the newer 2021 ATV 4K. Both Apple TV 4Ks have this issue (and for me this is more about watching recordings vs. watching live). You're right, the fire stick 4k plays back perfectly smooth/fine.

Would love to hear if there's anything else that is/can done on the experimental video driver to try to somehow solve for this.

I used to have an issue watching this channel on my old 4K AppleTV. However, I upgraded to the new AppleTV 4K with the new remote and this is streaming just fine now, no more stuttering!!

The test was with the Thursday Night football game tonight on Fox, via Verizon Fios.


Interesting. It still stutters for me in the new 2021 Apple TV 4K. Are there certain settings you're using? e.g. deinterlacer, video driver, etc?

FYI it looks like 11.20.19 beta fixed my issue (on my original Apple TV 4K too)! Using the experimental video driver. Was that expected based on what you’re working on? Thanks!


Yes! Great to hear

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