Fios or Xfinity? And DRM


I've tried searching this forum, Reddit, Silicondust's website and everywhere else and I can't find some clear answers. I'm a noob to Channels so let me tell you want I have and what questions I have.

I have ordered Xfinity and Fios and I need to decide between the two.

I have ordered a cable card from both (Fios said I needed a "digital adapter" to watch premium channels).

  1. Can I watch DRM channels on Xfinity? Can I watch then on Fios?
  2. Can I record DRM channels on Xfinity? On Fios?
  3. Is your service reliable? Anything else I should know about Xfinity vs. Fios?

Synology NAS
HDHomeRun Prime
AppleTV (with Channels installed)


Channels does not support DRM at all.

Xfinity has the fewest drm channels. Only HBO and showtime

Verizon FIOS also has very few drm. But it includes Fox News and Fox Sports along with HBO and Showtime

Are you using Verizon FIOS or frontier?


Thanks for the SUPER quick response.

I'm using Verizon Fios.


If you don't care about Fox News it will work great. Xfinity also works great, and maybe simpler without tuning adapter


Thanks- I really appreciate the advice and clarity!


FWIW I have Verizon FiOS and don't need a tuning adapter for premiums. Just the straight up Cable CARD works for me. FiOS also supplies FAR more channels in HD than Xfinity does - namely, EVERY premium channel and all their sub channels.


Thanks for this. Really helpful. I was leaning toward Verizon Fios because the internet speed is SO much faster and the cost of TV service was cheaper than Xfinity. Good to hear that you can actually watch the DRM channels.

But I assume you can't record any of those DRM/premium channels to your DVR?


I'm using FIOS in Greater Boston. I also had Comcast (Not the Xfinity X1 system) and RCN.
As far as Internet is concerned, FIOS is by far the best, with same same speeds for upload and download. Some markets are starting to offer IPv6, but Comcast seems better so far for IPv6 support.
As for Cable, ordered Fios without their router. There's an ethernet cable straight up from their fiber adapter and the Coax cable that goes straight to the HD HomeRun Prime.
Verizon charges $ 10/month for the cable card, which is far more than what RCN did.
Seems that $ 10 / month is as much as they can get away with, which upset me a bit. They were not happy with me declining all of their equipment, and there was an install upcharge, which is worth by not having to rent their equipment.
Anyways, like others mentioned, it's only some Fox-owned channels that are DRM, including Fox sub-channels, FXX, National Geographic. For those we can use the Fox apps. DRM is actually a requirement from Fox, it's not Verizon's choice.
Also, about a third of the HD channels are also AVC (MPEG 4). The good thing about those channels is that they work better over WiFi.