Fios - search skipped channels

Not sure where this question belongs but I just switched my Fios service and gained more channels. Ran a search using the HD Homerun tuner and noticed some of the new channels did not show (for example National Geographic Wild).

Even channels that are encrypted like FX show up so I'm not sure why some channels were skipped and if there is a way to manually add them.


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You can try clicking into Channel Lineup from

At the end of the url, add ?show=all and see if those missing channels appear with a strikethrough. If so it means verizon hasn't updated your cablecard with access to those channels.

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Thanks for that!
Checked channel lineup and Nat Geo Wild is DRM'ed...

@Qwert You can try adding Verizon as an TV Everywhere tuner. Those DRMed channels might show up.