Firestick and Amazon Music

Whenever I play Amazon Music on a firestick, the music continues to play, even when I click the Home button. And the music continues to play if I launch the Channels app, which results in both the music and TV audio playing together. I tried pausing the music prior to clicking Home, which works until I pause the Channel app, which then results in the music playing again.

The workaround is to launch a different app, like Netflix or Hulu, which kills the music. Then I can launch the Channels app. Is there a plan to have the Channels app kill the music when it launches?

I have HULU installed on my Firestick also. I can control the menu navigating in HULU by using the default buttons that are used in the amazon video interface. However, the BACK function does not work in HULU . I've noticed that the back function should work on the FIRE TV, but it's not working on the Firestick when trying to navigate the HULU interface. Is there anyway to program the BACK function on the Inteset remote to mimic the back button on the firestick?