Firestick - tuner not found

We have a firestick 4k on our bedroom TV that we watch for a couple hours at most at night.

I've started getting a "tuner not found" when we change channels after watching for about an hour. When I go to my pc (which is the channels server) and go to watch or change channels they all work normally.

I thought it might be a cache problem so I went and cleared the cache for the Channels app and presto, it works again.

Anyone have an idea how to fix this, other than clearing cache every time it happens? My main device in the FR is a shield and it's never happened on that.

Any ideas?

under Settings > Support > About what version number is shown

next time it happens can you click Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics then post here when it finishes uploading

Version 4.6.3

Will do. It's happened twice in a couple of weeks. Just cleared cache last night so it might be a bit before it happens again, but will submit (actually just did that now by mistake) when it happens again.


Just happened again and I submitted diagnostics - other. Let me know if you figure out what's wrong. If I don't hear anything I'll clear cache tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

What exactly happened again? What isn't working?

I see this error in your logs:

2023/09/09 15:10:23.453736 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch6140: TVE: notAuthorized: The ESPN networks are no longer part of your video lineup. Don't miss College Football, Monday Night Football, MLB, NHL, NBA, SportsCenter and more. Get ESPN Back: Go to for more information.

Wife was watching 67.6 WBBZ and the picture went black and said tuner not found. Send diagnostics and was able to go back and watch it.

This happened a few months ago when I posted. Cleared cache and it worked fine for almost 3 month.

Since you didn't see any error for that channel at about 10:30, I'll clear the Firestick Channels cache again. Probably should do that more regularly or look for a app that will do it for me. I have a Shield on my main TV and have never had a problem. The shield is a much better streamer with more storage and memory than the stick.

Thanks again.

Have to clear cache more often and have had issues with internet disconnecting on the FS now. Wifi on other nearby devices is fine. Unplugging for several minutes seems to solve that. Am about ready to find a different streaming device for the upstairs tv but don't want to get to the price level of another shield or Apple 4k. Any other suggestions?

What version is your firestick and how much free storage do you have. ?

It's a Firestick 4k that I bought in 2021. It has 3.31GB of 5.28 GB available storage. I've removed all the extraneous apps that I could. Software is up to date and apps are up to date.

Frustrating because from the numbers I shouldn't be having a problem. It's on a tv in the bedroom that my wife uses before bed. She's the non techie and given the time I'm having to either clear cache or restart the shield while she's watching and I'm laying down reading.

About ready to switch to another streaming device.

Have you tried setting the buffer to be housed on the Server? .. FireStick > under settings > playback >Streaming Quality > original Quality > Sream.

I'll give it a try..... Thanks

Seems like it would be nice if the developers could just clear the cache whenever the app does a fresh start. But I have no idea if it is possible or if it would cause other problems. Every so often I notice the app cache memory is extremely large and clear it using the app settings.

Channels was originally developed for Apple TV, so other especially lower end devices are somewhat marginal. I have tried the Chromecast Google TV dongle. It worked but would have many dropped frames on certain OTA channels and lacked storage memory for ideal live TV.

Like Mr Perez suggested, I have used the Stream option on my Firestick 4k Max device with good success. But if you haven't soured too much on Amazon products, the new Firestick 4k Max with 16 GB of storage works really well for me. It can be had for about $40 using ADDMAX code at checkout.

Can't find the playback setting on my firestick so I can't try that. Been through all the menu items.

It is there unless it has been a while since you updated your Channels DVR APP. It should be right under Internet Streaming.

Misunderstood. Found it on the channels Dvr app and set to internet stream 8mbps. Will give that a try. Thanks.

Internet Stream has nothing to do when using at home ... Streaming Quality is where you need to change it. Original Quality Delivery set it to Stream.

Trying the internet stream at 8mbps setting and will see if that's a help. I use Kodi on my shield and have that set up with a maintenance app that clears cache at each startup of Kodi and that solves lots of problems.

I've actually looked at the Fire Cube, Shield (non pro version) and Apple TV 4K (both 32 and 64 versions) as alternatives. I'm a bit discouraged about Firesticks because even with a good mesh system the firestick occasionally loses internet when everything else in the house is working fine. I honestly don't want to spend $150 for a tv that we watch for about an hour a day but if the problems continue I'll be watching for Black Friday deals on any of the above.

Specs for the older (probably 2020) Firestick I have says it's supposed to be wifi 6 compatible but I have my doubts.

Thanks for the help.

Those firesticks do not support WIFI 6.

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