Firestick Update Screen Colors

I noticed this some time back and failed to mention it until now. On my firestick (using the latest beta) the "Update Channels DVR Beta" popup colors do not allow for any text to be read. The color don't contrast enough to read the update information.

Could you take a photo?

I think you're referring to the built-in OS dialog. That's something FireOS controls.

This is the same on a couple of FireTVs that I have. The first screen is very faded. The second (shown) and the third (done screen) appear properly.

Yes that is courtesy of Amazon. Shows you how much they care about FireOS. It's not even customized for TV, uses a phone layout.

Mine is full screen not telephone layout ...

Thank you for the rapid response. I am an long time Plex customer that has decided Channels is a much better product. Thanks

What version of Firestick are you using my install screen is full screen

Could be FireOS 5 vs FireOS 7

The two that I have Beta code on are Fire TV Stick 4k running Fire OS

Yeah OS 7 is what I have.

Looks like the 2 Fire TV Stick 4k are current at File OS and 7 isn't available. I do have a File TV Stick 4k Max that is running OS 7 and the screens are shown as full screen and are visible..

Thank you all.

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