FireTV for Auto Compatibility

I am about to buy a 2022 Chrysler Pacifica and during my research, discovered that it will come equipped with FireTV for Auto! Is Channels DVR compatible? I think it is based on my limited research, but figured who better to ask than you all!

If you are not familiar, take a look... it is a game changer for in-car entertainment!!

So my new Pacifica came in and it is saying Channels is not compatible. Is this a certification you can apply for?


We can take a look and see what Amazon requires

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I made some changes that could help. It's not very clear. Amazon claims we're already enabled for FireTV automotive, but its only showing one device in the list:

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It allowed me to download and I confirmed it worked while sitting in my garage connected to my home wifi!

Thank you for this!!! My kids (and wife) will be extremely happy!

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