FireTV Not Connecting

DVR server is set up and works on my Android phone just fine.

However it will not connect to my FireTV app automatically or manually.

It says "your DVR is not quite set up yet. Visit the URL in your browser to complete it." and then lists the static IP the DVR is on.

I've deleted and reinstalled the App. Any other suggestions?

Sounds like its connecting to a different DVR that's not setup? Did you try to click Connect > At Home and enter the correct IP of your DVR?

When you open the static IP shown, are there sources present and is guide data set for them?

Yes I tried. That is the correct DVR server. When I do it on my MAC everything works properly. And on my Android.

Please submit diagnostics from the FireTV app under settings or Help

Done thanks.

Which firetv model is it?

Can you connect manually by IP and then submit diagnostics right after that

Insignia NS 43DF710NA19.

Yes will do. It doesn't connect manually though. Tells me there is no server at that address.