FireTV update to disable local ADB

Amazon blocks long-running Fire TV capability — Breaking popular apps with no warning and giving developers the runaround | AFTVnews

Amazon has blocked the ability for Fire TV apps to establish local ADB connections and, in turn, execute ADB commands. While it’s not a capability used by many Fire TV apps, without it, Fire TV apps can no longer perform certain advanced tasks, such as freeing up internal storage space by clearing the cache of all installed apps. This change has been verified to be present in Fire TV update for Fire OS 7 devices, like the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube, and update for Fire OS 8 devices, like the Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max. It is unknown if older Fire TV models running Fire OS 6 or Fire OS 5 will also be receiving this change, but it seems likely. This update does not change the ability of external devices, like computers or phones, to establish an ADB connection with a Fire TV, which remains possible

Well...I guess it's time to get an ONN device at Walmart.

What a bummer

Will this break using a Fire TV device for things like ADBTuner, HDMI for Channels, etc.?

As I read it, this only affects the ability of one app on a FireStick to be able to control another using ADB:

It shouldn't have any impact on what we're doing with ah4c, ADBTuner and the like.

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