Fix Incorrect Match Not working DVR to DVR import

Fixed Incorrect match appears to not be working for Imported Shows. It does not even recognize files create by another Channels DVR.

All I get is an Empty Dialog .....

Screenshot 2021-03-27 141759

Screenshot 2021-03-27 141500

Try using the tms id for the show

nothing works ... Might be that it cannot handle it's own file structure.


I have a small video file I use for testing imports.
I created a directory in my TV Imports named
Charlie's Angels
Put my test file in there and renamed it to
Charlie's Angels S03E20 1979-02-28 Teen Angel 2021-03-27-1259.mpg
It imported fine on version 2021.03.25.2022 I was running.
I then moved the directory outside of imports, pruned deleted and updated to version 2021.03.27.1729.
It again imports fine.

That is not what I want ... I want to be able to import the TV folder of a second DVR without moving anything..... for example . \\EDSYNOLOGY\Public\ChannelsDVR\TV

Importing "\\EDSYNOLOGY\Public\ChannelsDVR" with a TV subdirectory is what channels wants which just leads to a big mess.

I used to do that.
I imported the TV recordings directory of my old NAS into my new NAS to comskip them.
Why can't you add the TV Import path "\\EDSYNOLOGY\Public\ChannelsDVR\TV" ?
For Movies it would be "\\EDSYNOLOGY\Public\ChannelsDVR\Movies"

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I did that that is how I had the problem matching ... I gave up on it but do appreciate your suggestions.

Ignoring the part about where the files come from, "Fix Incorrect Match" for Imported TV Episodes still seems completely non-functional.

For the series, you can modify the default search text in the "select the correct match for this show" input box, >press enter< and it will make an HTTP call and return the results. You can then choose among those results or modify the search string further, >press enter< and repeat.

At the episode level, change the default search text in the "Select the correct match for this file" dialog, >press enter< and nothing. No action, no http call, no anything. The modify-search portion of the dialog seems completely broken.

This results in a painful sequence of semi-random naming attempts trying to find a format that Channels/Gracenote likes. This is compounded by Settings / Local Content / Scan Sources having some weird minimum time between activations. You can click it 25 times in a row and nothing until some timer expires and it works again-- somewhat defeating the purpose of a "do it now" manual button. (My entire Import folder might have 100 items-- it is tiny.)

That post you are quoting me is old and a lot has improved for me. I really do not have many complaints anymore.

Does Import TV Episode "Fix Incorrect Match" work for you now or simply that you no longer need it to work? Was tossed whether to post this as an independent issue or add to your. Seemed like the same root issue but could be mistaken.

I had given up on importing TV Series.
Just tried a few Nova SE47's and was able to correctly match an episode.

Trimming the search string down to just the episode title the match shows without pressing enter in the search box

I do not understand since it is recorded by Channels DVR they cannot drop the recorded date when maching. I wrote about Movies here.

Why are Movies not being matched from 2nd DVR? - Channels DVR / Troubleshooting - Channels Community (

Sorry misunderstood your post was not quite awake. ... I gave up on matching using EMBY/PLEX for Movies and Series I want to keep.

Thanks for posting-- thought I was going crazy! Your example provided the missing piece. At the episode level, "fix missing" is pulling all the episode names (for all seasons) based on the series name. The text input box then filters those results down using one of the more bizarre matching algorithms I have previously seen. For one word, its a sub-string search. For multiple words, its a sequenced suffix-search with sub-string for the last word.

The crazy part is that all input words must match the episode name. Thus, when it defaults the search to: "NOVA (1974) - S47E17 - Secrets in OUR DNA (2021-01-13)_cut" there is no possibility of it matching anything. Given the nature of the search, it should be skipping any words that it can identify as the series name, dates and the SxxExx marker to at least give a sporting chance of matching an episode by default.