Fix Incorrect Match

When I click on Fix Incorrect Show Match nothing happens. It appears to work for Movies but not Shows.

Hoping for some help...

Which browser are you using?

Can you try updating the dvr by click-and-hold on the Check for Update button.

I am using chrome and also tries with MS Edge. Just updated to
2020.10.22.2256 and still nothing when I click on Fix Incorrect Match.

Can you screenshot the page and button which is not working?

Can you check the JavaScript console in the browser to see if any errors are shown there

I see errors in the console.

This only happens for Shows, Movies work.
Thank you

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Is there any way to implement Fix Incorrect Match with ChannelsDVR recorded shows? I was able to use the option for my imported TV shows and now they look perfect with all the correct thumbnails and info. However, some of my recorded shows have no thumbnails and Find Show Match as opposed to Fix Incorrect Match doesn't do anything. Adding this option, like with imported shows would clean this up nicely and make everything look uniform.

Shows like Tosh.O, Portlandia, Chappelle'sShow, The Sarah Silverman Program, Cold Case Files, and The Tim Conway Comedy Hour, all have missing artwork thumbnails? TIA

No, because recorded shows get their data from the guide, and that can't be changed. Imported items allow you to modify the data because it doesn't have a recording to base its data off of.

I have shows with the same name that are split up. One thumbnail is correct and has 3 episodes. The same show has no thumbnail with multiple episodes. So it looks bad and is unorganized. Looking at the TV folder, on the server, the shows are all in one folder, so that looks normal. Do I have any options to clean this up other than copy/paste, delete from Channels library, then re-add as imported shows? can see for example Tosh.O has two instances.

I think what happened was I recorded the messed up shows on Pluto before I installed docker with the added shows info. I ended up removing all of them and I will eventually re-add them to Channels and Plex, or record them again. The library is once again tidy and I will keep an eye out for future Pluto recordings and hopefully docker info will solve future problems.

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