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thank for all the help.


I have the layout.. thanks but is there an option to export all the channels and icons in one file?

That's exactly what the above address provides: a full URI to each channel, and its logo in the tvg-logo attribute.

Google m3u files and study up on manually creating m3u files for video. Your question; " is there an option to export all the channels and icons in one file" suggests a misunderstanding of a m3u file. I struggled with this the first time I attempted generating a m3u file. After the m3u file, you'll probably want guide data as well. That's an entirely different beast.

Also, without knowing how you will implement the m3u file, there's not much additional advice to give you.

please see below for correct response. :wink:

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The endpoint above is literally how you get the m3u file, it's not my opinion. I have no opinion, it is simply the way the developers picked to provide a m3u file. Without more information or some idea of what the end goal is, there's nothing else I can provide.

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The end goal is the for user to generate a m3u file. What are you even posting? They asked how to generate a m3u file from their channel, what do you want them to do with that link?

  1. Paste the link into a browser or Rest Client. Replace the x.x.x.x with the IP address of the Channels DVR server.

  2. The Channels server will respond with the text for a m3u file, select and copy all of the text and paste the text into a text editor.

  3. Choose File/Save from the text editor and save the file as a m3u file.

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ok I stand corrected....your post needs to be moved up to the top to explain those 3 items...much easier to understand.

I understood the post first time.
Anyone who has even basic experience with iptv services/sites know this works and that such a url gives u the file.

Most browsers, u don't even need to copy anything, it just triggers a file download save dialog. Took me 3 secs to get the full channel list m3u file with that url.

And I only started learning about iptv and using it on the side, just a few weeks ago.
I use iptvforest for the moment. that one is a bit complex to use.

im glad you understood it but some people dont, which is why they came here asking a question. Dont assume everyone knows what you do, hence is why we have a community to help people.

i assume people read what is posted. u clearly did not. as it was posted exactly what it did.

Im glad you understood...lets all give you a round of applause...Always quick to assume something that may not be so easily understood to others. The main poster asked a questions and needed clarification and it was given a few posts after that!

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