Flex 4K: No ATSC 3.0 Channels (Charlotte)

I'm about 25 miles from NextGen (ATSC 3.0) towers and easily pick up the legacy ATSC 1.0 stations. Anyone have an idea why my new Flex 4K isn't picking up any of the 3.0 stations?

Under channel lineup on the hdhr ui atsc 3.0 channels show up in the 100’s. So channel 5.1 would be 105.1 for atsc 3.0. Try rescanning?

I was aware of that, but thanks for the response. The problem was actually the signal strength. I assumed if my signal was good on the ATSC 1.0 channels then it would at least discover the 3.0 equivalents... not the case. I've read that 3.0 channels often pick up better, but as you can see they are a good bit weaker for me...

You may get answers from the AVS Forum in the Charlotte OTA section.
I would start at this page Charlotte, NC - OTA | Page 753 | AVS Forum and work to the end.

Thanks, I assume the 3.0 channels are just being broadcast at a lower power. They are coming in fine even with my temporary setup, should be great once I get everything setup in the attic.

In my market in Norfolk/VABeach, the are running atsc 3.0 off a translator at lower power. I can get it at about 70% signal strength and I can see the tower from my house. I feel bad for people that are further away than I am. You may be in a similar situation in your market. Also I was thinking that I may try to re-aim my antenna to maximize the signal strength for 3.0. I really didn't have to when I did the initial install since the signal on atsc 1.0 was so strong.

WAXN the ATSC 3.0 lighthouse station carrying those channels in Charlotte broadcasts at a much lower power level than the other Charlotte stations do. I receive all the rest fine at my location (about 40 miles away) but can't get them either. That most likely is your biggest issue.

Other than a slightly better picture the 3.0 signals in Charlotte have audio issues. None of my devices can get anything other than two channel stereo and a couple of the channels have out of phase sound. Signal is rock solid though.

In my market, Cincinnati, the locals all got together and moved their ATSC 3.0 channels to a central tower. This was good news for me, now I get the 5 main networks from Cincy with strong signals, where before I got none. Perhaps something similar happened there?

The issue for me is the new AC-4 audio and general HEVC (H.265 video codec) issues with the stations, who, BTW, are still broadcasting in 720 and 1080p. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess my old quad-core Intel CPU from 2010(?) won't be stout enough to handle the 4K/HEVC when it does come to fruition.

There is a great app to use with your tuner for iOS called GH Signal when pointing your antenna and see noise factor. Also, I've had great results with Kitztech preamps. They are very low noise and that made all the difference a very low power ATSC 3 station in Raleigh for me.