Flickering with TiVo Stream 4K

I'm seeing intermittent flickering of video. I have TiVo Stream 4Ks and Channels DVR running on Synology DS218+. I have the Channels TV client set to hardware decoding. Any ideas?

This is apparently a known issue with this device?

The TiVo PM said they're looking into it:

One of the TVs that was flickering is a 6+ yr old HD TV. I set the video resolution on the Tivo Stream 4K to 720p/60Hz. Flickering stopped, and picture looks good (its a 32i nch TV).

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Apparently the auto feature for the TS4k doesn't work well. My projector is 720 yet it was set at 1080. Manually changed to 720/60 and the Pic improved. Haven't noticed flickering yet. Good to know it wasn't the projector.

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Not sure if this is a Tivo thing, or Android TV thing.
The tivo i connected to a 720p tv, and it did use 1080 by default....so did my Nvidia Shield.
It may be detecting the devices maximum supported resolution, and choosing that over its native panel resolution.

If it's with the Shield too, then it's probably an Android TV thing. Considering the number of people using 720p is fairly low, it's probably not much of a seen issue. For me, I did a makeshift setup in the living room with my work projector and a 100" screen for peloton and les Mills workouts. Might end up upgrading to a cheap 1080 as I end up watching it more than my 55" TV in there.

when i first connect my pc to my older living room tv a Vizio, it first defaulted to mirror mode, and sent a 4K signal to the 1080p tv(because the internal screen of the laptop is 4K)....which it did display and worked ok. but, u can tell the TV is downscaling and the image quality is poor, especially text. manually changing the pc to extend mode, then set the tv to 1080p and it look as it should.

Point is, most tvs will display higher than its raw panels native resolution. It all is dependent on what chip the tv uses and if the brand/model is coded to allow above native signals, or not. If not, it will just show its 'Input not supported" screen. How well it looks, will depend on how good the downscaller in the tv hardware is. But, u always want to use the panels native resolution for best quailty.

I've seen this flickering with OTA and ChannelsDVR. I was poking around in the Advanced settings and it seems (not definitive) that setting the transcoder to "Software" resolved the problem. I need to watch for a longer period of time to confirm. Anyone else?

Did you do the latest update on the TS4k? It supposedly fixed the mpeg2 hardware decoding.

MPEG-2, yes. But hardware decoding of H.264/AVC is still problematic. TVE streams (especially from Discovery networks) flicker like mad with hardware decoding enabled.

really? i have been watching discovery channels for hours the last few days, on the tivo, no flickering or issues. plays same as my Shield.
maybe cause it hooked up to old 720p res tv??

I am on the latest update of both Channels and the TS4K/Android TV software. I don't use TVE yet. The flickering I see is only sometimes on OTA program viewing. This happens on one of my TVs, it's an older plasma that supports only up to 720p and 1080i. Since reporting this, I've gone into the TS4K device settings and set the video resolution to 720p. I haven't watched much since then but I have set the Channels playback decoder back to "hardware". I'll report back. Thanks.

No success in my testing - OTA viewing with my TS4K flashes on some channels when hardware decoding is used. I've observed this on two different displays. Changing to software decoding seems to solve the problem without causing any performance issues.

The flickering appears to be a TS4K problem and has been reported in several topics over on https://www.reddit.com/r/Tivo/

You might want to report it over there too. Maybe you could provide them some more facts. I did about a month ago and they did get back with me but so far no fix other than setting decoding to software.

I have my tivo hooked up to 40” 1080p TV and the flickering seems to go away only with software decoding, but then you get judder on the video. The only hrz settings are 60hrz and 24hrz. I can’t set it to 24 because the menu speed is just too slow so that’s a no-go. Wish there was something in between. All other apps work fine, it’s just video from Channels. The same video on a network share works fine through VLC app but flickers through Channels.

Funny thing is, I have a different crappy $80 32” 1080p Fire Edition TV that runs great with Channels with no issues.

You're not the only one; this has been a problem since the TS4K's first firmware update. They botched the hardware decoder, and still haven't been able to fix it yet. There's a new firmware update that they're starting to push out, but I'm not holding my breath that they've actually fixed it.

From the sounds of it, my tivo may end up in a drawer or put on my bedroom tv. Between this and the washed out picture.