Flirc keyboard shortcuts similar to Tivo Stream 4K

I've searched through the forums to try and find a definitive guide, so apologies in advance if it's been discussed..

I've been following the progress of the Tivo Stream 4K regarding button mapping and actually tried it yesterday and am beyond impressed at how many buttons actually just work, including the Tivo button, channel up/down, live tv and guide buttons.

In addition to the one TS4K, I have two nVidia shields, both with Flircs attached to them and would love to have the same functionality, but am unsure of what "keyboard shortcuts" I should map them to. Could anyone advise on which I should map to? I have the channel numbers coming up as those are generic numbers mapped to numbers, but for everything else, I'm not sure of how/what to map.

Any advice or guides would be greatly appreciated!

Are you programming your FLIRC on a mac or pc?

You can run these commands to record mappings:

  • Channel UP: flirc_util record_api 2 9c
  • Channel DOWN: flirc_util record_api 2 9d
  • GUIDE: flirc_util record_api 2 8d
  • DVR: flirc_util record_api 2 9a

Let me know if this works for you.

PC. Flirc_util oddly enough doesn’t even work on the new “metal” version, but I also had the clear plastic version to try.

I programmed it and assigned to a random button on remote and it did not work. I tried with Channels Button config enabled and disabled.

Maybe, I’m missing something? I have a Harmony 700 and chose Flirc Kodi profile and assigned a few of the random buttons on it. Then chose the random buttons to press whenever flirc_util asked me to input a button.

Perhaps I’m doing it wrong?

Do you have the latest flirc software and firmware? It worked for me on Mac with the new metal flirc.

This feature is fairly recent so make sure to update first:

So, after downloading the absolute newest client on Windows PC, I was able to get the metal version to work.

My see-through/clear version still does not work. I upgraded to the newest firmware, attempted to copy configuration over and even wiped it several times. All other buttons work, the flirc_util accepts my input, but the button never actually responds within Channels. If I swap the flirc to metal one on nVidia Shield, the metal one works. Perhaps there is a difference in the API? I actually have two of the original clear versions and only 1 metal.

Not sure about that to be honest, the FLIRC guys would know better. I do know this is a new firmware feature so it's possible it doesn't work on older models.

When using the channel up and channel down buttons, is there a way to set this up so that the channels traversed are pulled from favorites and in the order as set by favorites? Currently it seems that the channels are from the All listing.

That's what the Quick Guide is for: to show your favorites in the order arranged while viewing live TV.

By default the Quick Guide shows all channels, but a quick change of settings will have it all set.

Perhaps my question was too vague. While I understand the Quick Guide, I am using the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons on my remote while watching live TV. When I channel up or channel down on the remote, the channel order is not according to my favorites. I would like for the channel up and channel down buttons on the remote to follow the order of my favorites. I'm not using the Quick Guide but I am using the channel up and channel down buttons.

Thanks for the feedback. I have been wondering what the behavior should be. Perhaps an option can be added, but I may just switch to favorites for now.

Some other bugs were reported where channel +/- doesn't work if you have overlapping channel numbers across combined tuners, so I will be working on improvements in this area.

@mike_here does this mean you were able to set up a FLIRC with channel up/down?

No, your post was clear; I understood exactly what you meant.

However, I find that having the CH +/- buttons cycle through all channels to be the expected behavior. If limiting the channels to just those in the Favorites list, then the Quick Guide can be employed. (The advantage to the Quick Guide is not only do you see what is on the channel, but also what program is next, and when that next program begins.)

If the CH +/- buttons are going to do something other than cycle through all the channels, then it ought to be a non-default setting.

@tmm1. Yes. I have flirc setup for channel up and down. It works great. I like this better than going back to the guide or using the pull down. It was the channel order that created the confusion. I was expecting the favorites order. That's all I've done with flirc at the moment.

If I enter the channel guide viewing all channels, HD or favorites and choose a channel to watch, the channel up or down should follow how I entered the guide. That's at least what I would expect. Here's one consequence of not doing that. I have favorites highly customized. For me choosing the first item in the guide to watch will put me at the end of the channel list after a few channel ups. Yet, from the guide perspective, I was at the "first" channel in the list. Perhaps allowing the user to set a flag for what listing to use (favorites, HD, All, etc.) would work and reduce complexities.

The latest beta/alpha have a setting to let you choose what filter to use for Channel Surfing

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Thank you @tmm1 -- works great.

@tmm1 Do you have any other FLIRC mapping codes for the TiVo Stream 4K?

Namely, I'm missing the "Live TV" and "Info" buttons.

I've pieced together info from various sources, but if you were to have a comprehensive reference for Channels App remote codes / keyboard commands that would be amazing. Having done a good amount of searching on my own I know others are looking for this and it's frustratingly difficult to come across a reference that gives you everything you need on one spot.

TV: flirc_util record_api 2 89

Not sure about info, I will have to look that up. You could try these:

2 60
2 22a
2 1c0
2 19f

@tmm1 Thanks-- I've tried flirc_util record_api 2 89 for TV, though it is pulling up the Live Channels (built-in Android) app.

Using the TiVo Stream 4K remote, the "Live" button pulls up the Channels app with the last station tuned-in (which is what I want to replicate using FLIRC).

Any ideas?

Interesting. Maybe disable the Live Channels app?