[BETA] FLIRC + Channels

We have been working with the FLIRC team to make Channels for Android TV remote control mappings more accessible via the FLIRC app:

Previously these keys were documented only in random posts and required command-line invocations. Now you can program them easily all at once directly from the FLIRC gui.

This new functionality is currently available via a beta build, and we're looking for FLIRC users here with various types of Android TV devices to help us test things out. Download using the links below, and then share your experiences on this thread. Make sure to include what Android/FireTV device you're using, and which keys (if any) are not working as expected.


I tested on my FireTVCube it appears that everything is working but I did find one annoyance if I am watching TV and hit the guide button I expect it to take me to the full guide instead it brings up the Quick guide which I can easily bring up by hitting the down arrow.

Another thing when setting up the FLIIRC there is no way to test if the buttons actually recorded nothing lights up... once button is recorded I hit the button and nothing lights up on the FLIRC display.

I tested all I could channel numeric buttons work ... play/pause works channel /up and down work. Everything works ... just the guide maybe needs to be looked at.

A liitle more I was able to also play my Prime Video Netflix etc using the FLIIRC with the Channels DVR settings.

Pressing record should immediately start recording with what ever padding is the default bringing up the menu Is unnecessary as I can do that with swipe down.



Has anyone seen this error show up when trying to install ??

ERROR. The code execution cannot proceed because
WinSparkle.dll was not found. Reinstall the program may fix this problem.

Anyone have this problem if so what was the solution ??

FYI. I did extract the file and two executable files are in the ZIP file FLIRC.EXE & FLIRC_UTIL.EXE.


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You have to replace the original files with the downloaded ones.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc

I’ve noticed that while using my Flirc that in the guide, if using the page down key several times, it loses focus and the highlighted show disappears, This effectively makes you lose the ability to navigate anything. If you hit the guide button again, it brings focus back.

On an unrelated note, if deleting shows from recordings view, it often takes multiple deletions before a show actually disappears. I can trash a show, then scroll down and up and it often re-appears. Deleting the show the second time usually does the trick.

I have noticed this, too. But I'm not using a Flirc, so I think this is a broader issue.

I love this support community. This is awesome. Is it still in Beta?

A unique scenario came up with a client where we need to send IR commands from a very specific remote to an android box. We found some info on Flirc's site but still weren't sure it would do what we needed.