For those waiting for the HDHR Prime 6


Basically, no useful info, I imagine it will come out some time in 2019, but if you've been holding your breath, probably time to stop ...


SiliconDust is confident that they will release the HDHomeRun Prime 6, their six-tuner CableCARD tuner, in 2019. While we’d all like a more specific date, there’s a lot more that goes into releasing a CableCARD tuner than these other products. The piece that can take the most time is certification from CableLabs, and unfortunately, they haven’t gone through this yet.

I hope they have started the certification process but it's not clear from the article.


I'd love it to come out, but in the meantime I'm just using two Primes. Saving on the monthly bill from Comcast would be nice, though.


"The piece that can take the most time is certification from CableLabs, and unfortunately, they haven’t gone through this yet."

Yeah, unfortunately that is terribly vague. Have they even started it yet? Are they close to finishing? Article doesn't tell us much.


I think I expressed this before, in SD's forums: Given that cable TV is a declining market: I wonder if they haven't crunched the numbers and begun to suspect bringing that product to market may be good money thrown after bad? Especially considering the problems with executing on DRM.


Depending upon the cost the product to make, and the whatever sales looked like for the Prime 3, there may still be a market for this product. I know I want one. But more seriously, the decline of cable TV will be slow and take quite a while. Netflix still has a DVD service :wink:


@tmm1 has there been any thought to partnering with other companies? I love the Channels interface compared to every other streaming service, but hate what SD is pulling here with their Prime shenanigans. I want to keep watching TV with YOU guys, and don't really care where the content actually comes from.


This isn't great news. I currently have a 3-tuner and still testing Channels DVR in my household. We have a TiVo Roamio Pro with 6 tuners and have TiVo minis deployed throughout the house. At some point, I'd love to transition to a 6-tuner Prime w/ Channels DVR . At worst, I'd have to overpay on eBay for a 3 tuner and pay FIOS an extra $5 per month.


Have you been given any prerelease hardware to test?


No we don't get any pre-release hardware.


Any updates on this? Channels team.... have you given any thought to creating or licensing your own hardware?


We are a software company and have no idea how to make hardware.