Force "Away From Home"

Could we have an option to force to use "Away from Home" on the Apple TV/iOS?

I'm using Tailscale to link my cottage and home together. Tailscale speed is not fast enough to allow more that 4Mb/s. Even if I select "Away from home", because I manage the traffic through Tailscale, it thinks it's local and use my local ip and goes through Tailscale :frowning:

If I use my laptop to access my DVR through, it allow me to bypass Tailscale.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

This is something we’ve struggled to find a simple solution for at the moment.

Are you able to setup a firewall rule to block port 8089 from the tailscale interface on your subnet router to your DVR? It isn’t an elegant solution, but one that we’ve had success with.

Thanks for the quick answer :). I need to investigate this solution.

Do you have some documentation on this? I cannot find any link on how to perform this through Tailscale

Found the solution :slight_smile: Needs to be done through Tailscale ACLs

"acls": [
	// Match absolutely everything.
	// Comment this section out if you want to define specific restrictions.
	{"action": "accept", "users": ["*"], "ports": ["*:1-8088"]},
	{"action": "accept", "users": ["*"], "ports": ["*:8090-65353"]},

Thanks for pointing me to the correct direction :slight_smile:

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I had to do this through my Unifi controller. I had the same kind of problem, the speed through the Site-to-Site VPN just wasn’t fast enough. I had to force remote streaming which will use the full speed of my 1GB up on FIOS.

The best I could see was 60mbps through the Unifi VPN, and usually slower. It’s a shame.

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I'm stuck with Starlink at the cottage, so I cannot use the Unifi Site-to-Site VPN :frowning:

60 mb/s is not that bad, I was under the impression that VPN through the Unify was slower than Tailscale

That’s max. It’ll be 10 a lot. Also, I need a little more ommph for 4K.

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