Force Database Backup

Is there a way to force a backup? I am going to be migrating drives to a different NAS and there is a possibility that some packages will need to be reinstalled. I would like to have a current Channels database backup.

A backup always occurs on restart so stopping/starting via NAS app manager is the simplest way.

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I am bringing this back up because I had to move my main DVR but the last backup that was taken was from last night ... but other recordings happened since then ... but now they are orphaned so I had to move them to imports. Is there a way to force a backup other than stopping and restarting the DVR ?

How often does the DVR do backups other than when it is restarted?

There is a button to force backups, DVR Database > Maintenance.

Also mentioned in the doc for moving your DVR

I know but I had a problem where I could not access the DVR ... Problem with main drive. not the Recording Drive.