Forum / docs enhancement: Driver status / issues

It would be helpful to have a status of the various driver statuses on the clients. I'm thinking something like:

Prod version:
Video Driver: Experimental brings HDR playback

Test Version:
Video Driver: Experimental fixes AppleTV's stupid lack of HLG (one can dream...)

This could go in the forum, FAQ, etc, but it really should be in one place, seeing as most client issues troubleshooting start with "what driver are you using?"

Also - it would probably be useful is there was some level of recommendation given - i.e. "If you have a 4K TV and a receiver with HDMI 2.x, use experimental decoders for Video and Audio" - thinking best possible experience with multiple setups.

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The drivers are experimental because we don't fully understand the scope of what works and doesn't work. If we did, then there would be no option at all and the app would automatically use the driver that worked best for the current setup or video file.

Understood. I just see many support queries that are answered referencing using either driver, as well as so many different hardware classes using the same app. I think a little clarity here would help those who want the most "understood" experience, if not the best one.

Myself, I've stayed with the Defaults for a while, as i don't have a channels-facing 4K source yet, but i always have the nagging suspicion I may be missing out on something...